Congrats! You are nonsense, crazy, and no one believes in you

Once upon a time, there was a man who scored over $100 million from his 11.7% shares after he sold his visionary business.

That man could early retire and enjoy his life, but he took a risk to start another venture, pursue another dream and become ordinary again.

That man…

The happiest person is those who recognise they always had a choice — the choice is power

Spoiler alert! The perfect workplace doesn’t exist. Either you create one or be happy with unhappiness—your choice.

Like meditation, reading, journaling, or exercise, work should be a part of life, not a burden. Within the delegated hours, I treat work as one of my routines.

When it comes to being…

The big picture of a small detail

March 2014, it was a cold afternoon in Tokyo; My wife (Kate) and I felt like tea. We popped into a small café nearby called Café de Ginza.

As soon as we stepped inside, we felt the warmth and smelled the cakery mixed with the coffee beans. …

Instead of relentlessly competing with everyone, why don’t you just beat one person—yourself

Let me confess, I wasn’t a fan of the company org chart, especially when I hang around at the bottom.

The fast-paced working culture makes me believe I should always want to have more because of limited time and resources.

Whether it’s more salary, impressive job title or exceptional opportunity…

Stupid questions are insatiable curiosity; stupid answers are brutal. If you’re curious — ask

In 1944, Edwin H. Land was asked by his 3-year-old daughter why she could not see the picture he had just taken of her. Unsurprisingly, his daughter wasn’t satisfied by the technical answer (the one that made sense), neither was he.

Land can’t resist finding a better answer, simply because…


Product Designer at Finder

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