Who is Kocha?

People often ask me to talk about myself during the interview, and I have no clue how—let me fix this.

Kocha W.
2 min readMar 26, 2022


Cute Kocha with his grandpa and grandma : )
Cute Kocha with his grandpa and grandma : )

Hi, my name is Kocha. I am a Product Designer. I’m always curious about how things work and why people do what they do. We can break down my design journey into three parts.

Part-1 (2006–2011):
Discovered the design by accident.

Born and Educated in Thailand—bachelor’s degree in computer science/IT, then master’s degree in design. I discovered design while studying programming.

I started my career as a freelance designer a few years before joining the renowned global advertising agency created creative campaigns for Absolut Vodka, Jacob’s Creek, and 100 Pipers.

I’ve learned so much from world-class creative leaders and global winning campaigns.

Part-2 (2011–2012):
Go hard or go home.

I relocated to Singapore and joined a boutique agency as a Senior Designer, responsible for end-to-end creative and design solutions.

I got my hand on Louis Vuitton, Unilever, American Express, and the Singapore takeout global campaign.

It was my first time working abroad, and it was a turning point in my life.

Part-3 (2012-Present):
I’ve found my place.

I relocated again to Sydney and found a place I called home. My first role was the Lead Designer (UX/UI) for the community guide start-up. I created their product and led cross-functional teams.

Then I moved to Freelancer.com (ASX: FLN) to look after their mobile products as the Mobile Design Team Lead.

After several years as an individual contributor and design leader from different companies and countries, I decided to run my design studio in Sydney.

I help entrepreneurs, start-ups, and tech companies move from zero to one, get funded, or won Good Design Award®.

Assist clients from various tech industries such as FinTech, Construction, Energy, Home Loans, E-Commerce. Social well-being and more.

However, I’ve discovered that I enjoy design more than running a business, so I decided to retake a full-time role and keep my studio aside.

Out of my curiosity and personal interests in meditation, I joined Insight Timer and helped them create the app and communities for millions of meditators worldwide.

Currently, I’m a Principal Product Designer at Finder and helped them create the new mobile app and transform its business into a global Fintech company.

At the time of writing, I helped Finder create a new high yield product, win the FinTech award, secure the first external equity of $30 million and much more is coming from our creative pipeline!

After all, I’m still early in my journey and keen to keep learning as happily as possible.

Thanks for reading; how do I tell a story about myself?

Originally published at https://www.kocha.com.au.